Retail: Helping the Little Guy Fight the Big Boys

India is one of the fastest growing retail markets in the world comprising Modern Trade (Organized) & General Trade (Unorganized) sectors. A Kirana Store is an unorganized retail store in the Indian Subcontinent. Most of the stores typically stay open long hours and provide personalized service to people in their neighborhood.

The retail market is estimated to be US58$ billion and organized retail is less than 20% of the overall retailer base. The percentage has been rapidly increasing from under 5% five years ago, impacting the business and livelihood of 12 million Kirana shops.

Most Kirana shops have been seeing growth stagnate or decline because of the rise of giant retailers. BeWo has launched Android-based 10″ Gold & 7” Silver Point of Sale (POS) devices for this segment. BeWo partners with software providers to provide comprehensive solutions that help small retailers effectively compete with large organized retailers.

BeWo-in-Retail-168x300 (1)

The value created for Kirana shops from using the retail solutions are –

  • Effective inventory management
  • Context-based advertising increasing revenues
  • Need-based review of costs, prices and margins on items
  • Enables retailer to deal with stock-outs, seasonality, stock transfer, and low dead-stock levels
  • Makes supply chain efficient, and provides detailed reports on Sales & Merchandising
  • Track customers’ buying patterns with loyalty programs & cards
  • Reconcile end-of-day sales and cash/credit information

BeWo has partnered with large FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) players and software solution providers to deploy in over 700 stores for one initiative in the Delhi/NCR region. Ultimately to transform the last-mile through increased revenue for the small retailers and better value for the consumer.

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