Grassroots Social Entrepreneurship at IC-2013

Situating New Management Philosophy at the IC-2013 Conference.
Bangalore, India. February 20-22, 2013.

R Sampath, BeWo CEO addresses the plenary session on Social Entrepreneurship and Frugal Innovation.

As communism died and capitalism is falling apart, as human relations and corporate connections have leaped over national boundaries, as environmental concerns and economic challenges worry the global population, it is for the science, art and wisdom of management to take centre stage to find intelligent solutions for humanity in 21st century. The timely theme chosen for the purpose is Nature, Mind and Technology.

Though the transition is full of glorious uncertainties, it is our duty in attempting to map the future directions of the interfaces of the global society; economy and polity. This calls for the need for a new ‘Earth Shastra’. The current edition of the conference therefore creates a common platform for scholars, students, corporate practitioners and activists to discuss and disseminate the thought currents and thought leadership that will shape the coming years.

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